Reviews - a Taste of Hellbound Hearts

'ULTRA CATCHY... There's something refreshingly NO-NONSENSE about 'Film Noir'
Emma Johnston - Classic Rock Magazine

'Something for many tastes, totally impossible to pigeonhole and that is why you need to listen to this'
Adrian Hextall - My Global Mind

'A blistering example of how to approach a debut album'
Rock N Load

'A strong, confident debut album from a young British band beginning to make people sit up and notice.'
Dave Stott - Devils Gate Media

'Hellbound Hearts have set their musical stall out and its all worth grabbing. Crank this one up and rock!'
Get Ready To Rock

'That unpredictability is something to be savoured and kept in their arsenal, it adds that little something else that will make them stand out from the rest'
Stencil Magazine
'If you are looking for feisty rock ‘n’ roll to invigorate your daily soundtrack then The Proximity Effect is a wise and thrilling choice.'
Ringmaster Review

''The Proximity Effect' is an all killer no filler EP that demands you sit up and pay attention'
Ben Hughes - Uber Rock

'A stunning collection of songs that simply reek of promise and excitement for a band in this genre'
Get Your Rock Out
'Grabbing the listener instantly and maintaining their interest throughout'
Jon Huntley - Already Heard

'You can almost imagine them commanding enormous crowds who will gleefully bounce along to this masterfully crafted rock.'
Lewis Clark - UKScumscene

'If it’s as good as this is, it will see them selling out venues up and down the country, should justice have anything to do with it'
Ryan Neal - One Metal

' A short, snappy and likeable EP. Hellbound Hearts are truly flying the flag for British rock and roll with this release'
Tara Couper - Room Thirteen